Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Father's Sins

Eloquent words and phrases,
Promises of the world's praises,
Trusting the difference this time,
Placing my faith in honeyed rhyme.

Relentlessly trying as hard as I might,
Just can't seem to get it right.
Perhaps Love doesn't exist for those such as me,
Perhaps it just isn't meant to be.

Shattered dreams lay at my feet,
Never to be realized, never to meet.
Those pieces are scattered beyond any grasp,
Oh, I've tried, they slipped out of my clasp.

Years ago, my first love, betrayed me as no one else could,
He left a little girl laying battered and bruised.
These are the memories of love's true meaning,
Love is betrayal, pain, demeaning.

It's all just a mask hiding the evil,
The real truth? Love is deadly, even lethal.
Those three little words spew poisonous venom,
Raising the putrid, horrible demon.

He lies in wait for the weak and unwary,
Knowing it's the father's sins he carries.
Is there no repentance, no salvation?
Can there be one to end this damnation?

Hope and faith, they say will endure,
So I hope and I pray for a forever cure,
Holding on tight to a dream, this time will stay,
Could it be? Maybe today?

CWylde ⓒ 12 / 31 / 14

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Too clingy, too needy, 
Too much, too greedy,
Excuses and alibis, pulling away,
Destroying love, why the betray?
Too much, too soon,
Same song, same tune.
Sent away, banished,
Hoping I’d vanished.
Bound so tight away 
From where we always played.
Like a caged wolf chewing through the ropes,
Soon breaking free, dashing all hopes,
Wandering alone, searching for penance,
Yearning for love’s essence.
Is there salvation for one such as me?
Is it possible? Can it be?

CWylde © 12/29/14

(Written in response and as a combo prompt to #darksideofpoetry and #Heartsmeal)

Cold and Broken

Somewhere, the truth of me
Became the story of me,
I know not when I gave in
To the hurt and pain within,
Cold and broken, my heart lay 
In shards of crystal glass on display
To all who would peer inside,
Mocking my stupid pride.
Can my heart be mended?
Or will I be left untended
To drown in this sea of tears
Wasting away in all my fears?
Yet, here you stand offering respite
From the wasteland so desolate.
I grasp your hand so tight,
Pull me away from this night.

CWylde © 12/29/14

(Written in response to a poetry prompt from #FieryVerse)

A Hard Road

Often I wonder how to make 
Sense of all the mistakes,
But in the end, my power
Surpasses my need to cower.
Not this time will I implode,
No, I’ll stay the hard road.
To search for your sweet embrace
Is my intense desire, my saving grace.
My need, no, my craving
Is deep and powerful, near depraving,
Relentlessly, hopelessly devouring
Every part of my resolve empowering
Desire to submit to your commands,
Finally succumb to your demands.

CWylde © 12/29/14

(Written in response to a poetry prompt by #WSSPoetry)

Fires Unseen

Breathing deep of your sweet essence,
Calming waters felt in your presence,
Until you touch my tender places,
Stirring those inner smoldering spaces.
Touching, kissing, gazing, sensual scene,
Moving, undulating, fires unseen,
Joined as one, building higher,
Riding the waves of passion’s pyre.
Reaching the moment of no return,
You guide me through the afterburn.

CWylde © 12/29/14

(Written in response to a poetry prompt - #CapturedPoet)