Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Tempest Inside

The Master was there long ago
But left when the Apprentice raged
They didn't know
The Sorceress watched tempest blow.

The Apprentice failed in his task,
The Master knew he would.
The Sorceress need only ask
For the Master, if she could.

The Master calls now,
Dare she turn back to long ago?
Fate reminds her of the vow,
The elementals, the path will show.

She turns to one who was strong
Begging for an answer true,
But he listens to another song.
She sighs, if he only knew.

Her love is strong,
Her trust is broken,
If she leaves, his life won't be long,
No words will be spoken.

The Master comes soon.
Does her Love see her pain?
No, he sees another, his doom.
The Sorceress leaves, her bain.

Tears flow from her eyes,
From the pain of letting go.
Her Love didn't realize
He just didn't know.

Monday, August 18, 2014

No Apologies

In a world of black and white,
Gray areas in her life
Bound her in ribbons so tight
No one could see her strife.
And yet, she refused to budge,
Bound by strict boundaries
Not revealing too much,
Her life, no apologies.

CWylde ⓒ 08 / 18 / 14
Image - Ani Kaspar

Friday, August 15, 2014

Dreams of Sir

Dreams take me to you tonight. 
The ocean current traverses through time.
My heart spreads wings and take flight
You are my beacon, my light sublime.

Knowing that you are my essence,
Our time together is witness
To our bonds, our love's presence,
I cannot deny the limits of your patience.

You need only speak the words,
You need only grant your touch.
My heart soars with the birds
Singing their songs, stories, as such.

I kneel at your feet and give to you,
This gift of submission, complete trust,
Let the current take me to you,
Let me give in to your lust.

I will carry your name to the skies
One phrase, one act, one single inner stir,
You will see the exchange, the look in my eyes,
I'm yours, Sir!

Thursday, August 14, 2014


The night held its breath,
The world stood still,
The dark held back it's cold death
From the dancer in the rain spill.

Silently dancing,  dreaming
Of the one embrace,
The return of the redeeming,
The gift of grace.

CWylde ⓒ 08 / 14 / 14

Monday, August 11, 2014


Tonight,  my love,  I travel the endless waters
Of sleep and dreams, 
With you in my heart
With me in your arms.
These dreams carry me to morn.

CWylde ⓒ 08 / 11 / 14

Lover's Awake

The early morning mist,
The calm of the silence,
The look of first kissed,
The smile of sleep's defiance.

We hold to each other with awe
As the world holds its breath.
The sunrise breaks the dawn,
The world no longer rests.

Can you stay with me longer?
Must we move from this place?
Surely our love is stronger
Than the need to enter the world's pace.

CWylde ⓒ 08 / 11 / 14

Sunday, August 3, 2014

What Do You Need

In a world where words of love spoken
Belongs to others, not just a token,
She hides behind laughs and fake smiles No one knows of the hidden trials.

She tires of pretend masks,
She cries out for someone to ask
"What do you need? "
Can she be freed?

Some have come and asked,
Yet they turn away, disgust masked. Again, alone, she wonders when
Her heart will win.

That one who asks and listens
To those tears that make her eyes glisten, That one who will strip her of her masks, And unlock her heart, and asks ...

"What do you need?"
She can be freed!

CWylde ⓒ 08/03/14

It Should Have Been Enough

She has been loved, He did the little mundane acts Thinking that should be enough To prove his love. Yet, through the years,  those acts Became a cat and mouse game, Pulled away when she complained She wanted more. She wanted romantic acts, Flowers, little surprises, Small gestures A touch, a caress, a card. She begged sometimes, But it mattered not. It should have been enough. Until one day, she withdrew. Feeling unloved and unwanted, Her dreams on hold in a life That she hadn't planned. It wasn't enough. No more talk, she gave in To the mundane, his way. Her heart sad and broken. It should have been enough. It wasn't.