Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Tempest Inside

The Master was there long ago
But left when the Apprentice raged
They didn't know
The Sorceress watched tempest blow.

The Apprentice failed in his task,
The Master knew he would.
The Sorceress need only ask
For the Master, if she could.

The Master calls now,
Dare she turn back to long ago?
Fate reminds her of the vow,
The elementals, the path will show.

She turns to one who was strong
Begging for an answer true,
But he listens to another song.
She sighs, if he only knew.

Her love is strong,
Her trust is broken,
If she leaves, his life won't be long,
No words will be spoken.

The Master comes soon.
Does her Love see her pain?
No, he sees another, his doom.
The Sorceress leaves, her bain.

Tears flow from her eyes,
From the pain of letting go.
Her Love didn't realize
He just didn't know.

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