Friday, January 24, 2014

Dark Stranger - First Encounter - Part 6

He pulled out just enough that she missed the feeling of his entire length and breadth of his cock inside her pussy.  Eyes dilated with abandoned lust and passion, Nina gazed into the dark stranger’s eyes.  He held them there for what seemed an eternity, holding her in position – both holding their breaths on the edge of something from which she knew she would never be the same.  Holding just at her entrance, he smiled and teased her, his head just at her clit playing.  She moaned and moved her hips toward his cock trying to push it back inside her.  He smacked her ass again, this time harder.  Feeling the sting of his hand, she yelped with surprise and looked him in the eyes again.  He silently shook his head, “No.”  Without words spoken, she understood that any movement on her part would always be under his control.  She quickly glanced down to show her submission to him.  “Yes, Sir.” 
He gently guided his cock once again into her waiting drenched pussy.  When she had accepted a portion of his cock, he thrust deep and hard into her.  She let out a cry – not of pain, but of pure ecstasy of such an exquisite visitor.  Arching against the brick wall of the bricks and feeling the cold roughness on her back, she moaned and accepted his thrusts, throbbing undulating against his cock sending waves of primal raw nerve tremors throughout her body.  She could feel an orgasm coming unlike any she had ever experienced.  He stopped his thrusting and held her against him.  She whimpered wanting to continue to experience cumming with such a powerful orgasm.  She looked him in the eyes seeing immediately that he would have control over her orgasms as well. 
“When I say you can cum, you can cum.  And not before.” 
She understood, but her desires were so strong that she was not sure she would be able to hold off.  Although, she would try just to gain his approval and see that exquisite smile of his.  Christ, why should I care.  He doesn’t know me.  He’s a stranger.  But I want to make him happy whoever he is.
            He stared into her bright, green eyes dilated with lust and passion and saw exactly what he craved to see – her desire to completely submit to his will.  Again, his thoughts seemed to permeate her own mind as he made it clear what he required – a submissive that was willing to trust and give herself completely.  God, I want to have him make me cum and only him.  Who is this guy? He entered her slowly, watching her eyes and breath for her sign of being at the precipice of no return.  He had already known, and choosing just the right time, thrust hard and deep into her core.  Her pussy had its own mind and pulled his hard cock deeper with undulating waves of pulses.  She let out a loud moan and threw her head back opening her body more to his controlled dominance.  

Dark Stranger - First Encounter - Part 5

          He tenderly lifted her head from his cock which was still as hard as when he first entered her mouth.  How the hell does he do that? Nina’s lips were swollen from the barrage into her mouth.  He gently smiled at her, and she relished in his approval.  Oh, to get that smile all the time!  He lifted her up to meet his face as he savored her lips, his taste lingering there.  He reached down between her thighs and felt her so wet and so ready for an introduction to the ecstasy he was eager to grant.     He softly asked her, “Do you want to cum?”
            “Oh, yes.  Please!”  She looked at him and implored with her eyes.  She looked down at his cock which was growing even larger and harder.  He cupped her chin in his right hand and lifted it to his face tenderly kissing her on her eyes, nose, chin, and finally resting on her lips – sore and swollen.  “Very well.  You’ve done well your first night.  You’ve earned it.”
            He motioned to her with his head to remove his boots and jeans.  Without asking and intuitively knowing, she knelt before him once again as he rested one foot on her thigh while she removed one boot and switch to the other.  Then reaching up to his waist where his jeans hung low on his hips, she lowered his jeans down while he stepped out of the legs.  With a deft kick once again, he kicked his jeans next to hers.  “Raise your left leg to my hips, my love.”  She did exactly as she was told and raised her left leg to his right hip resting it just at his ass.  He wrapped her arms around his neck and told her to hold on.  As she tightened her grip around his neck, he lifted her right leg and rested it on his left hip.  She wrapped her legs around him and looked him in the eyes.  He smiled softly and raised her up onto his hardened cock.  As she accepted his magnificently enlarged cock, she let out a loud moan.  She wasn’t sure if her pussy would accept such a massive visitor because Marc was small in stature, and she was not accustomed to such size.  As his cock hit her cervix, she whimpered in pain and closed her eyes.  He smacked her ass with one of his hands with disapproval.
            She opened her eyes.  He said, “You are never to close your eyes unless I tell you.  Understood?  Answer me with Sir.” 
            “Yes, Sir. I understand.” 
            “Understand what?”
            “I understand, Sir”
            “Good girl.”

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

First Encounter - Part 4

He grasped a fistful of her hair and thrust his massive cock into her mouth gagging her at once.  As she tried to pull away, he only held tighter.  Tears formed in her eyes as the breath was cut off, and immediate panic set in.  He pulled her head away and raised his eyebrows with a slight nod.  She took a deep breath and slowly accepted his immensity into her mouth bringing it to the back of her throat.  As she tongued his shaft, she held it at the back of her throat letting the enormity of his cock settle in and learned quickly how to swallow accepting it even deeper into her throat.  He let out a deep growl as he held her head in place. 
            There was no fear this time.  The deprivation of breath brought her a sense of eroticism that created a desire for more.  She closed her eyes as she relished the feeling, the smell, and the taste of him in her mouth.  He pulled her away from him suddenly.  In a low, commanding voice, he ordered her to keep her eyes open.  To make his point, he pushed her back against the brick wall behind her and thrust his cock back down her throat without warning, her eyes opening wide with surprise.  “That!” he commanded.  This is how he makes his point.  This time, even though she gagged, she did not panic.  Already, trust for this dark stranger, who without words had become her Dom, was building with recognition that he would do nothing to physically harm her. 
            She kept her eyes locked on his, and as a reward, he pulled slightly away giving her a smile of approval.  He closed his eyes as she smothered his already pulsing cock with her mouth.  She took his balls into her hands and softly massaged continuing the dance of her tongue around his shaft sucking slightly then harder moving her head up and down.  If he was hard before, now his hardness was accentuated with ridged veins along his shaft.  He was breathing harder and harder – she became wetter and wetter, her juices running down her thighs onto the concrete beneath her knees.  She desired this exquisite cock inside her throbbing wet core to relish the feeling of his warmth and power deep inside.  She slowed her dance and with a questioning look in her eyes, she silently begged for the sweet release desired to cum for this lover, her Sir.  He opened his eyes with a perturbed look on his face at this interruption, but he was patient and understood her desires.  He shook his head “No,” and gently said “Not yet, Love.”
            She continued to dance with his even more engorged cock willing him to cum into her mouth – something she had never allowed with Marc.  The pace of the thrusts in her throat was quickening and going deeper.  Nina had learned quickly how to swallow to allow her Sir deeper thrusts down her throat.  As she continued to gently knead his balls in her hands, she felt them tighten and knew that his release was imminent.  He growled a deep lower primal growl as he felt his own sack tighten.  He grabbed Nina’s head and thrust one final deep thrust down her throat with primitive abandon.  She felt the deep thrust and, knowing that she would not be able to breathe for a moment, swallowed quickly.  His warm cum shot down her throat, and she swallowed as best she could with her airway blocked.  As he came in deep her throat depriving her of air to breathe, Nina entered into sub-space – into Nirvana.