Monday, January 26, 2015

Silent Agony

Hidden words, hidden meanings,
Can you hear my heart screaming?
Waiting for some small gesture
Of what we had before.
I watch the dance in silent agony,
We never danced that way.
Ours had to be hidden,
To do so seemed forbidden.
Never knew the reason
Wasn’t given the freedom.
After silence for so long,
You mock me at my wrong.
Will I ever be free of your taunt?
Our past is done, for naught?
Cruel, cold, memories of you
Casting shadows, darkness ensues.

CWylde © 01-26-15

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Purge Me

How can I tell from where my demons come?
How can I tell what makes them run?
I do not know what opens their door,
Nor how their taunts collapse me to the floor.
I know only that they are very real,
And come to me with no appeal.
I’ve been judged from when I was a girl,
By those who believed theirs a better world.
I feel so deeply, and yes, I bleed. 
I have lived through one single creed.
To protect those downtrodden,
But who will protect me, relieve my burden.
This is the curse of being a submissive,
Without her Sir, life is aversive.
She needs his control, the mark on her skin,
Without it, there is no purge for her sin.
Come, bring the ropes, the belt,
Leave your mark, leave your welt.
Cleanse me, purge me,
Love me, I’m on my knees.

CWylde © 01-25-15


An emptiness exists between
What used to be and what is,
Words spoken, silence screams,
And so it starts, sinking into the abyss.
A familiar place, been here before,
I didn't believe I'd be here again.
This pain, this time, a deafening roar,
The funeral dirge, a sad refrain.
Is this my fate, my destiny,
Innocent, yet feeling blame?
My only crime, to love intensely,
Not understanding the cruel game.
Heart broken, old realities arise,
My world now goes up in flames,
While the part that knew love dies.
Alone again! Incomprehensible.
Speaking my truth is no longer viable
I'll drift away, become invisible,
If that's what you want, justifiable.

CWylde ⓒ 01 / 25 / 15

Monday, January 19, 2015

Intimate Moments Diary - The Voice

The call came at 6:00 am California time. My sleepy voice answered a soft hello, and the voice on the other side said, “Good morning, beautiful!”

Ah, that voice that tells me how much he loves me and how he’s thinking about me sends butterflies to my stomach. You would think that a simple good morning would be mundane and not earth shaking, but you would be wrong. As the song says, I feel the earth move every time he calls my name.

We live thousands of miles from each other, and the need to be together grows with each passing day, but neither of us can break away from our responsibilities to be with each other in the flesh. The phone has to take the place of the touch, and his voice can weave his magic fingers around my heart and spirit.

This morning was no different. “Good morning, beautiful,” he said. There was more to those three words than met the ears. I could feel his presence through the airwaves. His strength and power brought shivers up and down my spine. He asked how I slept saying he dreamed of us together. 

Then he went on to describe his dream, scene by scene, spinning his erotic tale as I listened. As he described how he touched me in his dream, kissed me in places that held magical promises, I could imagine his touch, his kisses, his smell, the feel of his body over mine. He took me far away into his world. 

We were at a beach cabin, secluded and next to the shore. The waves crashed in the background as we lay in front of the fireplace. He cupped my chin in his hand and lifted my face to his. Kissing me gently, yet urgently. Pulling me in closer, stroking my hair, my back, my arms. Laying me softly on the bear skin rug in front of the fireplace and holding me against him. Our hearts beating together as one.

His hand moving down my thigh and moving my skirt up reaching underneath touching me, exciting me. Feeling his hardness against me, I became more excited with each touch. A soft moan escaped my lips as he gently brushed his lip on my neck. 

Gazing into my eyes, I saw the love and desire there. Passion building, joining lips together, holding as if we would fly away if we let go. Touching each other, urgency building, frantically needing each other more. 

He rose from the floor, reached his hands for mine, and lifted me up to meet him. Whisking me in his arms, meeting my mouth with his, tongues dancing, kissing long and lingering, he carried me into the master bedroom. Laying me on the bed, he took a deep breath. “And now, you are mine!”

“Love, I have to go now. Time to leave for work. I’ll finish this later.” I could hear his smirk as he ended the call. Deep breath, sigh, my alarm rang. Time to get on with my day.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Human After All

She danced where others did not dare,
Seemingly naive and trusting, so fair,
Always ready to hold and nurture,
Soothing wounds, her nature.
One crossed and discovered,
Still hasn't recovered.
She's human after all and hurts deeply,
Once she turns cold, love dies quickly,
The flowers on bloom wilt and dry,
She tosses them away, bitter tears cry.
How fortunate the one her love harnesses,
He'll receive her fervent promises.
Warm her heart, set her free,
Naked and exposed, she'll never flee.

CWylde ⓒ 01 / 07 / 15
Original photography Freddy Camargo

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Release the Demons

Silence, Dark, womblike,
Bound by leather at your will, as you like,
Skin exposed to your touch, your kiss,
At your mercy, Sir, nothing is amiss.

Hearing your footsteps as you approach,
Feeling your energy, your fire, your reproach,
Knowing the beast is controlled, full of power,
Craving your eyes to melt me in this hour.

Your lash hits first strike, sting fires my skin,
Release for the demons churning within,
I cry out, pain released in the tears 
As you soothe my spirit, taking my fears.

Ten lashes, I count, brings my penance,
My sins long ago needing repentance.
You, my Sir, have taken them, sent them away,
Taking me to a deep, dark healing this day.

Feeling your breath now close, soothing me
Urging me to take your essence inside me,
Listening to your soothing words gently spoken,
Feeling your gentle touch, this love is no token.

You, alone, have taken from me the urge to flea
Your sweet dark embrace, your will becomes of me.
This magic you wield over me complete,
This bond now forever, no more defeat.

CWylde © 01/04/15

(written in response to prompt #DepecheSex by @Supernaturavil)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

This Man I Call Sir

Entering the darkened room thick with lust’s desire,
Dark eyes drawing me in setting my skin on fire.
I kneel to him, I have no will but his,
To hear his pleasure, feel his power is bliss.
I would follow him down to where he leads,
Trusting his guidance, his lash my prayer beads,
The sting of his mark, my supplication,
His commands, my fervent dedication
As he takes me to his land of release.
He could destroy me, yet he brings me peace.
He knows me so well, knows each quiver, each cry,
The edge is near, my ache for release raises me high,
“You’re getting closer, my Good Girl, but you must wait.”
“Please, Sir, I cannot!” imploring in my fevered state.
Pushing me farther with each touch, blood rushes,
Taking me now, passion brings brilliant skin blushes,
“Now, my Good Girl!” His voice commands, I follow,
Hearing his pleasure, his primal growl, ground so hallow,
Joined now, riding the waves of paradise together,
This man, this master, the one I proudly call Sir.

CWylde © 01/03/15
(written in response to poetry prompt #DsubVerse)