Saturday, January 3, 2015

This Man I Call Sir

Entering the darkened room thick with lust’s desire,
Dark eyes drawing me in setting my skin on fire.
I kneel to him, I have no will but his,
To hear his pleasure, feel his power is bliss.
I would follow him down to where he leads,
Trusting his guidance, his lash my prayer beads,
The sting of his mark, my supplication,
His commands, my fervent dedication
As he takes me to his land of release.
He could destroy me, yet he brings me peace.
He knows me so well, knows each quiver, each cry,
The edge is near, my ache for release raises me high,
“You’re getting closer, my Good Girl, but you must wait.”
“Please, Sir, I cannot!” imploring in my fevered state.
Pushing me farther with each touch, blood rushes,
Taking me now, passion brings brilliant skin blushes,
“Now, my Good Girl!” His voice commands, I follow,
Hearing his pleasure, his primal growl, ground so hallow,
Joined now, riding the waves of paradise together,
This man, this master, the one I proudly call Sir.

CWylde © 01/03/15
(written in response to poetry prompt #DsubVerse)


  1. Ooo so deliciously sexy. You can feel it!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

  2. It hS been longer than three years since I first stepped into my Mistresses world. At times I have been totally blessed in her presence and close to total despair when she is not have captured the moment .x, jon

  3. It has been over three years since I stepped into my Mistresses world. I have experienced great joy and near despair in equal measure and yet I can't wait to return. You have captured the moment.x. Jon

    1. As submissives, it is a tricky world. A Dom/Domme can take a sub to the brink and push boundaries to be sure. The responsibility of that role carries a burden which is one that is shared by the submissive. Bliss and despair and trust that he/she will not destroy you but protect you as your boundaries as pushed. In my mind, that makes me, the submissive, a better person.

      Thank you so much for responding!

  4. You know how I feel and what I think

    1. Yes, I do! Being a Sir and Master carries huge responsibilities and for the submissive, it is the ultimate gift of trust. The knowledge that he has the power to completely destroy you, yet the trust that he won't.