Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Father's Sins

Eloquent words and phrases,
Promises of the world's praises,
Trusting the difference this time,
Placing my faith in honeyed rhyme.

Relentlessly trying as hard as I might,
Just can't seem to get it right.
Perhaps Love doesn't exist for those such as me,
Perhaps it just isn't meant to be.

Shattered dreams lay at my feet,
Never to be realized, never to meet.
Those pieces are scattered beyond any grasp,
Oh, I've tried, they slipped out of my clasp.

Years ago, my first love, betrayed me as no one else could,
He left a little girl laying battered and bruised.
These are the memories of love's true meaning,
Love is betrayal, pain, demeaning.

It's all just a mask hiding the evil,
The real truth? Love is deadly, even lethal.
Those three little words spew poisonous venom,
Raising the putrid, horrible demon.

He lies in wait for the weak and unwary,
Knowing it's the father's sins he carries.
Is there no repentance, no salvation?
Can there be one to end this damnation?

Hope and faith, they say will endure,
So I hope and I pray for a forever cure,
Holding on tight to a dream, this time will stay,
Could it be? Maybe today?

CWylde ⓒ 12 / 31 / 14

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Too clingy, too needy, 
Too much, too greedy,
Excuses and alibis, pulling away,
Destroying love, why the betray?
Too much, too soon,
Same song, same tune.
Sent away, banished,
Hoping I’d vanished.
Bound so tight away 
From where we always played.
Like a caged wolf chewing through the ropes,
Soon breaking free, dashing all hopes,
Wandering alone, searching for penance,
Yearning for love’s essence.
Is there salvation for one such as me?
Is it possible? Can it be?

CWylde © 12/29/14

(Written in response and as a combo prompt to #darksideofpoetry and #Heartsmeal)

Cold and Broken

Somewhere, the truth of me
Became the story of me,
I know not when I gave in
To the hurt and pain within,
Cold and broken, my heart lay 
In shards of crystal glass on display
To all who would peer inside,
Mocking my stupid pride.
Can my heart be mended?
Or will I be left untended
To drown in this sea of tears
Wasting away in all my fears?
Yet, here you stand offering respite
From the wasteland so desolate.
I grasp your hand so tight,
Pull me away from this night.

CWylde © 12/29/14

(Written in response to a poetry prompt from #FieryVerse)

A Hard Road

Often I wonder how to make 
Sense of all the mistakes,
But in the end, my power
Surpasses my need to cower.
Not this time will I implode,
No, I’ll stay the hard road.
To search for your sweet embrace
Is my intense desire, my saving grace.
My need, no, my craving
Is deep and powerful, near depraving,
Relentlessly, hopelessly devouring
Every part of my resolve empowering
Desire to submit to your commands,
Finally succumb to your demands.

CWylde © 12/29/14

(Written in response to a poetry prompt by #WSSPoetry)

Fires Unseen

Breathing deep of your sweet essence,
Calming waters felt in your presence,
Until you touch my tender places,
Stirring those inner smoldering spaces.
Touching, kissing, gazing, sensual scene,
Moving, undulating, fires unseen,
Joined as one, building higher,
Riding the waves of passion’s pyre.
Reaching the moment of no return,
You guide me through the afterburn.

CWylde © 12/29/14

(Written in response to a poetry prompt - #CapturedPoet)

Monday, October 6, 2014


Brave, a rebel, she dares the fates,
Try if you will, you can't catch me!
Tis not her head, but her heart dictates,
Dances through life with abandoned glee.

Uncatchable, unmanageable,
A challenge, the strongest have failed,
No love in her life? Unimaginable!
A sharp toothed rumour, plans derailed.

Who will accept the capricious dare?
Takes a brave soul, her heart to win.
She waits ruefully for the rightful heir,
The true one, let the game begin.

CWylde ⓒ 10 / 6 / 14
Original photo by Freddy Camargo

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Poetry Images

Today, I am working hard at completing a book compilation of my poetry with the images as I have posted on my Twitter page.  Most of these were written to poetry prompts. And they are all under my copyright.  I hope you enjoy them.  Soon my book of poetry, Echoes of the Soul, will be out and available for purchase.

In the Dark of the Night

All That I Am

Once Upon a Time

Tears I Shed

Stories Told

Words of Love

Want more? Watch for the release of Echoes of the Soul!


Friday, September 5, 2014

Sir's Beads

Sir's text told her what he desired,
Her heart stopped at his words.
The thoughts of his touch and
His desire of her, her Sir
Her trust in him
Brings her to her knees.
He comes to her and bids her rise,
The scene begins with
The pull of the beads.

The pull of the beads twirled her
And threw her face down on the bed.
Sir took each single strand and wrapped her arms and wrists to each other.
Her body glistened with beads of sweat
As she waited, not seeing his intent.
She felt the pull of her legs open wide.
His hands lifting her hips, bringing her
Back to her knees, exposing her, Vulnerable to his control.
His fingers toy with her bringing her
Further to ecstacy.
One strand left that hung from her waist
Inserted into her wet pussy.
She gasped at the cold entering and
The sensation of the beads inside.
Opening her legs even wider,
He fingers her, toying with the beads
As they pressed into her clit
Moving in and out
Making her writhe with desire.
Leaving the one strand,
He makes his entry with his
Hard enlarged cock.
She hears his gasp as he feels the pressure,
Beads against cock, against clit.
The inner massage of the beads
As he moves in and out,
Thrusting harder and deeper inside.
She's filled and is on the brink of orgasmic crest,
He thrusts deep holding to the end of the strand.
He thrusts deeper,
"Cum for me now, Little One! "
She bursts into the abyss,
He pulls the strand at that perfect moment,
He thrusts deeper and cums harder with
The sensation.
She cannot move, has no voice.
She only feels his pulsating throb
As he empties himself in her.
It all started with the pull of the beads.

CWylde ⓒ 09 / 05 / 14

Monday, September 1, 2014


In the quiet of the dream
Exists the clouds of memories
Buried in the depths of the scream
Silenced in the haunting melodies
Of one who finds her solace
In emptiness of the night.
Her creation so flawless,
The dark truth sees not light.

CWylde ⓒ 08 / 31 / 14
Image by Freddy Camargo Photography

Purple Bodaciousness

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Tempest Inside

The Master was there long ago
But left when the Apprentice raged
They didn't know
The Sorceress watched tempest blow.

The Apprentice failed in his task,
The Master knew he would.
The Sorceress need only ask
For the Master, if she could.

The Master calls now,
Dare she turn back to long ago?
Fate reminds her of the vow,
The elementals, the path will show.

She turns to one who was strong
Begging for an answer true,
But he listens to another song.
She sighs, if he only knew.

Her love is strong,
Her trust is broken,
If she leaves, his life won't be long,
No words will be spoken.

The Master comes soon.
Does her Love see her pain?
No, he sees another, his doom.
The Sorceress leaves, her bain.

Tears flow from her eyes,
From the pain of letting go.
Her Love didn't realize
He just didn't know.

Monday, August 18, 2014

No Apologies

In a world of black and white,
Gray areas in her life
Bound her in ribbons so tight
No one could see her strife.
And yet, she refused to budge,
Bound by strict boundaries
Not revealing too much,
Her life, no apologies.

CWylde ⓒ 08 / 18 / 14
Image - Ani Kaspar

Friday, August 15, 2014

Dreams of Sir

Dreams take me to you tonight. 
The ocean current traverses through time.
My heart spreads wings and take flight
You are my beacon, my light sublime.

Knowing that you are my essence,
Our time together is witness
To our bonds, our love's presence,
I cannot deny the limits of your patience.

You need only speak the words,
You need only grant your touch.
My heart soars with the birds
Singing their songs, stories, as such.

I kneel at your feet and give to you,
This gift of submission, complete trust,
Let the current take me to you,
Let me give in to your lust.

I will carry your name to the skies
One phrase, one act, one single inner stir,
You will see the exchange, the look in my eyes,
I'm yours, Sir!

Thursday, August 14, 2014


The night held its breath,
The world stood still,
The dark held back it's cold death
From the dancer in the rain spill.

Silently dancing,  dreaming
Of the one embrace,
The return of the redeeming,
The gift of grace.

CWylde ⓒ 08 / 14 / 14

Monday, August 11, 2014


Tonight,  my love,  I travel the endless waters
Of sleep and dreams, 
With you in my heart
With me in your arms.
These dreams carry me to morn.

CWylde ⓒ 08 / 11 / 14

Lover's Awake

The early morning mist,
The calm of the silence,
The look of first kissed,
The smile of sleep's defiance.

We hold to each other with awe
As the world holds its breath.
The sunrise breaks the dawn,
The world no longer rests.

Can you stay with me longer?
Must we move from this place?
Surely our love is stronger
Than the need to enter the world's pace.

CWylde ⓒ 08 / 11 / 14

Sunday, August 3, 2014

What Do You Need

In a world where words of love spoken
Belongs to others, not just a token,
She hides behind laughs and fake smiles No one knows of the hidden trials.

She tires of pretend masks,
She cries out for someone to ask
"What do you need? "
Can she be freed?

Some have come and asked,
Yet they turn away, disgust masked. Again, alone, she wonders when
Her heart will win.

That one who asks and listens
To those tears that make her eyes glisten, That one who will strip her of her masks, And unlock her heart, and asks ...

"What do you need?"
She can be freed!

CWylde ⓒ 08/03/14

It Should Have Been Enough

She has been loved, He did the little mundane acts Thinking that should be enough To prove his love. Yet, through the years,  those acts Became a cat and mouse game, Pulled away when she complained She wanted more. She wanted romantic acts, Flowers, little surprises, Small gestures A touch, a caress, a card. She begged sometimes, But it mattered not. It should have been enough. Until one day, she withdrew. Feeling unloved and unwanted, Her dreams on hold in a life That she hadn't planned. It wasn't enough. No more talk, she gave in To the mundane, his way. Her heart sad and broken. It should have been enough. It wasn't.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Primordial Dance

The command of his thoughts over her body
Brought the completion of her submission to him.
As he leaned into her with his darkest desires,
She opened without reservation.
She was his and he hers.

No words were needed for she could hear him,
His primal instincts stirred her primordial waters,
Stirring her into an orgasmic frenzy
Matching only to his as they danced the dance.

His needs.  Her needs.  Both matched to the
Undulating movement of two bodies joined
In orgasmic ancient rhythms.
One purpose – one primeval dream.

Dreamed in the ancient’s mind.
Immortal, ageless, prophetic.
It was as was always to be.
Infinite time – infinite souls as one.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Perfect Symphony

The conductor knew her so well,
Knowing her rhthym and her inner tune.
She opened to the symphony of his design.
This was her longing,  her obsession.
In him, she found her perfect pitch.
In her, he found his strength.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Photographs of Pain

Photographs of pain felt so deep
I wondered how the heart could keep
Its lonely beat as it cried out in loneliness, The silent cries of questions formless.

Promises of love everlasting you made,
Promises with empty words fade
Promises of never letting me fall,
Empty words fading into the ethereal.

Can I learn to trust again?
Can I trust to learn again?
You came into my world blazing
You left my heart breaking.


Friday, June 20, 2014

Dark Stranger - The Binds

            Tentatively, Nina nodded, but he looked at her through his dark eyes and said, “Nina, I need to hear your answer.”
            “Y-y-y-yes?”  He threw his head back and laughed – not as a taunt, but in real amusement.  “Are you asking me, Little One?  There is no need to be afraid, nothing can harm you here.”
            Nina answered strongly, “Yes!”
            “Ah, you are learning already.  My Queen is strong and not afraid.  You have spent many lifetimes in fear.  That fear has held you back from experiencing what is yours.  And now, you are releasing your fear and stepping into your true power – strong, free, and a formidable Queen to your King.  Very well, it is time!”
            Nina watched him move silently and catlike to a massive oak armoire.  She had not noticed it when her blindfold was first removed.  It was made of deep cherry wood and reached almost to the top of the 12 foot ceilings in the room.  Intricate carvings of gryphons were placed on either side of the massive doors with inlaid exotic woods in Celtic knot patterns.  Nina recognized the Celtic lover’s knot thinking it seemed unusually out of place with the gryphons.  Her curiosity led her to push up on her elbows to get a closer look at what inside the doors, but he turned to her and said, “Not now, Little One.  Soon, you will get know what is in this cabinet very well, but for now, it is not for your knowledge.  Lie down and close your eyes.”
            Instinctively, she did as he said without question.  “Good girl.”  His praise of her was like an aphrodisiac, and immediately, her juices escaped from her soft, wet folds onto the luxurious Egyptian cotton linens.  As low moan escaped her lips causing him to chuckle softly.  “My beautiful Little One, it pleases me that you are so trusting and open to me.” 
            She heard soft rustling sounds and soft thuds coming from the armoire as he rummaged through finding exactly what he was looking for.  She heard him pad back toward the bed wanting to open her eyes, but not daring to displease him.  She felt the pressure on the bed beside her as he placed one knee beside her, then felt his large strong hand and arm reach under her neck gently lifting her to a seated position. 
As he moved behind her, she felt a silken blindfold once again wrapped around her head covering her eyes.  “There, Little One, you can open your eyes, but cannot see what is to come.”  With those words, more pre-cum dripped from her wetting the sheets even more.  He chuckled softly and moaned deep, “Mmmm … I see you appreciate anticipation.”
Without another word, he reached for her left arm and kissing her softly from her neck, down to her shoulder, upper arm, lower arm, wrist, and finally kissing and sucking on each finger, he wrapped a soft velvet cuff around her wrist.  She felt him stretch her arm and attach the cuff to the poster with a click of a hasp.  Nina tried to move and pull the arm but it was too tight to move.  “Easy, Little One, I don’t want you to harm yourself.” 
She felt him rise from the bed and heard him move to her right side.  He performed the same routine to her right arm, and as she heard the hasp close, she dripped once again.  He must have noticed because he chuckled softly and touched her mound gently.  A soft moan left her mouth as she raised her hips to meet his warm hand.  “Easy, Little One!  It is not time, yet.”
She felt her breaths coming quicker now as she realized that the hand between her thighs was stroking across her right hip.  She raised her right leg to block him.  From having babies and years of weight gain and weight loss, she carried the scars of life and was ashamed to have him look at her and touch her there.  He placed his hand on her upper thigh with pressure and holding it, preventing her from moving it further, he leaned down and kissed the dreaded fold of soft belly at the hip.  “Ah, Little One, you are beautiful here.  Here is where your body grew giving life, and here is where I find great pleasure!  Never hide this from me.  Do you understand?”
A tear escaped from her eyes, and she softly said, “Yes, Sir.” 
“Good girl, my Little One.”
He arose from the bed and wrapped another cuff around her right ankle.  Nina felt him straighten her leg and fasten the cuff with a hasp to the bedpost.  Her breaths came even quicker and her juices starting dripping more.  He tested the tightness of the cuff and hasp and moved to the left leg to repeat, once again, his ministrations.  Once he was satisfied with the wrist cuffs and ankles cuffs, he stood back. 
Nina lay bound, arms and legs akimbo, open for him to devour with his eyes.  She felt his eyes burning into her and with a stutter breath, she asked him, “Sir, what are you planning?”
“Ah, Little One.  All you need to know you will discover as the night progresses.  Be calm and patient.  For I have waited lifetimes to make you my Queen and I intend to relish every moment.”