Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Apollo's Hand

I stand on the fringes, outside looking in,
Invisible woman searching in vain,
Yearning for a lover to entice
Knowing in this there is a high price.
Sleep walking in the darkest of night,
My soul flies in the pale moonlight,
The journey to desire is perilous,
Unforetold dangers built on icy wishes,
Siren’s love song pierces the veil,
Apollo’s hand ignites a storm force gale,
Kisses like sea spray scattered arouse,
Untold pleasures his eyes espouse,
Persuade me to surrender to his delight,
Beyond passion, intensity builds, sacred rite,
Chrysalis opening, no choice, I ride,
Senses reeling, building, I spin,
Head into the abyss, no return within,
His eyes boring into my core,
He stacked the deck when he entered my shore.
I cannot resist the necessary evil
Of his perfume of enchanted primeval.
Tonight, I travel to his hunger’s lair,
Tonight, this beast my heart will ensnare.

CWylde © 03-24-15

(written in response to poetry prompts #AsymLife # AshVerse #Magick_Words #Soulhoot #Heartsmeal #DSPoetry #ntitle #MadVerse #WrittenRiver

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bound to You

Haunted by your voice,
Captured by your eyes,
This dance we do by choice,
Denying this? Feeds the lies.
I hear you in my dreams,
I see you in the night,
Moving silently through the seams
Of misty ethereal light.
I call and you appear,
Your presence strong, assured
Your gentle voice brings a tear
Of the pain your love cured.
It may sound trite, a bit cliche,
This one truth, I cannot deny,
No thing or being will take it away,
Even demons and angels fear to try.
Though time and distance keep us apart,
I will wait a lifetime for you and me,
For you carry a piece of my heart,
Forever bound to you, I am free.

CWylde ⓒ 03 / 11 / 15

Thursday, March 5, 2015

I see your mouth moving, White lab coat proving The severity of your words, Yet my mind says, "absurd!" Another life change drastic, Thoughts come to me sarcastic. I must have spoken aloud, Your head shake, silence so loud. Droning changes to be made, To fail, a death sentence paid. Where do I turn for solace and strength? How do I navigate waters this length? Don't want to hear anecdotes and tales, Not while I'm in my own private hell. CWylde ⓒ 03/ 04/ 15