Friday, June 26, 2015

In His Eyes

Entering this dream divine,
Plummeting into the vortex
Of obsession finding deeper
Meaning in his possession.
Dangerous dreams take me
Into his world, a far cry from hell
In a rush to be his Good Girl.
Takes me from a sleepwalk
Where the distilled essence
Fades into his dark presence.
As I build my world around
His power, his commands,
I finally see my beauty,
Buried deep within,
Come aglow in his eyes
Of perfected love.

~CWylde © 2015

Friday, June 19, 2015

A Few More

I took a journey last night,
The journey took me to a hiding place,
One that I hoped would set things right.
Instead, I found thick silence around me.
The scarlet hours engulfed me
In luminous darkness,
My soul quaked.
I begged for mercy to no avail.
Indeed, my cries brought no relief.
There in the shadows he stood,
I stopped and wondered if I could
Push aside my fears and
Let him into my locked up heart.
Can I withstand a second chance?
Will the everlasting flame burn bright,
Or will it simply die out?
I pray these aren’t just symptoms
And lies told to soothe and warm.
My love is true and unconditional
With no slight of hand tricks or
False promises told with sly
Innuendoes and heartless cruelty.
I’ll take the chance and let him in.
His smile says so much.
Indeed, a few more moments,
A touch, a kiss, yes.
It’s all worth it again.

~CWylde © 2015

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Misery Does NOT Love Company

I am convinced that there are people who enjoy their story of misery and replay it over and over until it is such an engrained part of their life that to see others happy is something that must be torn down and destroyed.

I get it! I get sad and lonely and fearful and miserable myself. And watching other people’s happiness is sometimes just too much to bear. But I draw the line in writing veiled words through my poetry to tear someone down. I draw the line writing innuendoes of bitterness and anger.

To those who seem to need to perpetuate their own story of misery and project it on me? You have no idea of what I have endured at the hands of others. You have no idea what obstacles I have overcome to be me today.

That doesn’t matter, though. Want to know why? Because I have risen out of my story stronger and willing to fight for what I love and fight to be me.

So, you can wallow in your own self misery and cry to your poor-me-look-what-I-have-to-live-with words of pity. As for me? I choose to live strong, love powerful, love freely, and love me!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Wicked Desires

Dancing in the moonlight skyclad,
Moon beams caress each curve,
Intent to drive him mad.
Fire dances with soft glows,
Skin glistens as the heat grows.
He sits and watches me begin
My primal Raqs Baladi to
The rhythm of the Doumbek beat within.

Hips swaying slowly,
Undulating, Moving to and fro,
Arms held high in abandon,
Hair wildly billowing, eyes aglow
In this churning current of passion.
Drawing in the moon through
The growing erotic pyre.
I twirl and swirl, swaying
Closer and closer to he
Who would have me as
His own wicked desire.

My eyes lock on his
As I dance to the rhythm
Of this urgent collision.
Hips gyrating as Maya Hips
Captivate him as he licks his lips.
Closer and closer, I feel his
Quickened breath as my hips dance
The perfect figure eight meant to entrance.

Just grazing his leg as I tease even closer,
Breasts hang in front of his lips,
He’s losing his composure.
Chest raising and arching,
I see his response and straddle one leg,
Twirl and swirl, a throw of my head,
A wicked laugh as my hair swipes his face
With the scent of jasmine hung in space.

Still gazing into his eyes, daring and undaunted,
Playing the gypsy sorceress, wildly wanton.
Twirling and swirling, the beat
Throbs faster, blood starts racing.
I laugh once more, my core blazing.

Swirling round and round,
Carnal lust raising a fever,
Back facing, arching to view him,
Ass shaking with abandoned fervor.

Swirling and twirling,
Raising my powers,
Beaconing him to enter
My sin filled tower,
Quench my insatiable fires,
Take me now, my Sir,
With your wicked desires.

~CWylde © 2015 

Love Ever After

Life became smooth, kind,
Blissful, in fact, tears almost gone.
Without the phantom in my mind
I knew I was moving on.
Without warning, I stumbled upon
The broken cage that still held
The broken shards of my heart,
The shattered pieces when I fell apart.
There in the memory corner,
Lay tear stained pages,
Tattered and torn,
My own frayed edges,
Battered and worn.
The cage door slammed behind me,
I swear I heard the cackles of childish glee,
And the drop of an old rusty key.
My heart screamed, begged,
When I realized I had been living
With ghosts of love gone awry,
Merely existing, life denied.
My pleas to manifest silence
Were my own feeble effort
To let the ghosts die.
Trying to be honest,
Crying out in the darkened shadows,
I knew I had paid my penance,
There must be a tomorrow.
And there you were,
Tall and strong, offering refuge,
From this nightmarish storm.
The cage door flung open
With just one word, one touch.
Can I dare to take your hand?
Do I dare to venture out
Where hearts breaking even
Is a not a game of chance,
But a gift of sacrificial romance?
Can I let you into my dark room
Where Fenrir lurks in never ending gloom?
Do I dare to initialize what your
Eyes tell me is love so pure?
I'll give you my trust,
I'll give love a chance,
I know I must.
Believing this is more
Than mere carnal lust
That dies and withers
And leaves my heart
Once again battered and bruised.
Enter with care, my love.
Be gentle and tender,
You're still the one to whom
My soul shall render
The treasure of love,
Love ever after.

~CWylde ©2015

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Good Girl

Kneeling, waiting for instructions,
Anticipating your carnal design,
Knowing I am safe and under your protection,
In my core, I feel the chords align.
You come to me gently, tenderly,
Silk threads blindfold,
Each stroke and tease, need rises eagerly,
You quiet me, I feel rope enfold,
Binding me, constraining me, all the while
Whispering, “Are you my Good Girl?”
I sense your pride, I feel your smile,
This, Sir, has become my world.
Take me into your arms,
Begin your magic, begin your play,
First touch of leather brings no alarms,
Tis my desire to please, show me your way.
Teach me, guide me, mark me as yours.
Push my boundaries with each strike,
Release my battles, my inner wars.
Tears flow, you’ve opened the dike.
Skin flushed, breathing harder,
Yearning, craving, begging for release,
Edging to the brink of disaster,
Please, Sir, bring me peace.
Sensing your fire, holding on longer,
Opening wider, building with intensity,
Feeling the rise of your hunger,
Lust’s rage shows its immensity.
It’s ache, its roar, its fury,
Moving together, thrust for thrust,
Orgasmic screams no longer buried,
Rising higher and higher, control I trust,
Riding the waves, let this begin.
Hearing your primal growl,
Feeling the release within,
Hold tight to me, my Sir,
Don’t let me fall,
My body reeling, mind in a blur,
For you, I give my all.
Breathing slowed, sweat mingling,
Your eyes put me in a swirl,
Trembling under your power, tingling,
Today, was I your Good Girl?
~CWylde © 2015

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Breathless Wonder

Listen deeper to the
Breathless wonder of
His voice, his commands.
In this, his love amplified
Through the mark of his claim.
Warm hands touch
The core of you,
Aching anticipation
Begs for release,
As he uses his master's touch
Taking you higher
Than you can remember.
Do you recall the first
Wave of his greedy passion,
And through it all
His love was clear?
No hiding behind a mask.
With each and every task,
He is there, always protecting,
Ever watchful, ever tender.
He holds the power to control,
He's claimed you, body and soul.
And when he takes you past
The stars and higher,
He does not falter,
But will let you down easy
As you learn his lessons,
And listen even deeper
To this breathless wonder,
This bond that carries you home.

~CWylde ©