Friday, June 12, 2015

Wicked Desires

Dancing in the moonlight skyclad,
Moon beams caress each curve,
Intent to drive him mad.
Fire dances with soft glows,
Skin glistens as the heat grows.
He sits and watches me begin
My primal Raqs Baladi to
The rhythm of the Doumbek beat within.

Hips swaying slowly,
Undulating, Moving to and fro,
Arms held high in abandon,
Hair wildly billowing, eyes aglow
In this churning current of passion.
Drawing in the moon through
The growing erotic pyre.
I twirl and swirl, swaying
Closer and closer to he
Who would have me as
His own wicked desire.

My eyes lock on his
As I dance to the rhythm
Of this urgent collision.
Hips gyrating as Maya Hips
Captivate him as he licks his lips.
Closer and closer, I feel his
Quickened breath as my hips dance
The perfect figure eight meant to entrance.

Just grazing his leg as I tease even closer,
Breasts hang in front of his lips,
He’s losing his composure.
Chest raising and arching,
I see his response and straddle one leg,
Twirl and swirl, a throw of my head,
A wicked laugh as my hair swipes his face
With the scent of jasmine hung in space.

Still gazing into his eyes, daring and undaunted,
Playing the gypsy sorceress, wildly wanton.
Twirling and swirling, the beat
Throbs faster, blood starts racing.
I laugh once more, my core blazing.

Swirling round and round,
Carnal lust raising a fever,
Back facing, arching to view him,
Ass shaking with abandoned fervor.

Swirling and twirling,
Raising my powers,
Beaconing him to enter
My sin filled tower,
Quench my insatiable fires,
Take me now, my Sir,
With your wicked desires.

~CWylde © 2015 

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