Friday, June 19, 2015

A Few More

I took a journey last night,
The journey took me to a hiding place,
One that I hoped would set things right.
Instead, I found thick silence around me.
The scarlet hours engulfed me
In luminous darkness,
My soul quaked.
I begged for mercy to no avail.
Indeed, my cries brought no relief.
There in the shadows he stood,
I stopped and wondered if I could
Push aside my fears and
Let him into my locked up heart.
Can I withstand a second chance?
Will the everlasting flame burn bright,
Or will it simply die out?
I pray these aren’t just symptoms
And lies told to soothe and warm.
My love is true and unconditional
With no slight of hand tricks or
False promises told with sly
Innuendoes and heartless cruelty.
I’ll take the chance and let him in.
His smile says so much.
Indeed, a few more moments,
A touch, a kiss, yes.
It’s all worth it again.

~CWylde © 2015

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