Thursday, June 18, 2015

Misery Does NOT Love Company

I am convinced that there are people who enjoy their story of misery and replay it over and over until it is such an engrained part of their life that to see others happy is something that must be torn down and destroyed.

I get it! I get sad and lonely and fearful and miserable myself. And watching other people’s happiness is sometimes just too much to bear. But I draw the line in writing veiled words through my poetry to tear someone down. I draw the line writing innuendoes of bitterness and anger.

To those who seem to need to perpetuate their own story of misery and project it on me? You have no idea of what I have endured at the hands of others. You have no idea what obstacles I have overcome to be me today.

That doesn’t matter, though. Want to know why? Because I have risen out of my story stronger and willing to fight for what I love and fight to be me.

So, you can wallow in your own self misery and cry to your poor-me-look-what-I-have-to-live-with words of pity. As for me? I choose to live strong, love powerful, love freely, and love me!

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