Friday, June 12, 2015

Love Ever After

Life became smooth, kind,
Blissful, in fact, tears almost gone.
Without the phantom in my mind
I knew I was moving on.
Without warning, I stumbled upon
The broken cage that still held
The broken shards of my heart,
The shattered pieces when I fell apart.
There in the memory corner,
Lay tear stained pages,
Tattered and torn,
My own frayed edges,
Battered and worn.
The cage door slammed behind me,
I swear I heard the cackles of childish glee,
And the drop of an old rusty key.
My heart screamed, begged,
When I realized I had been living
With ghosts of love gone awry,
Merely existing, life denied.
My pleas to manifest silence
Were my own feeble effort
To let the ghosts die.
Trying to be honest,
Crying out in the darkened shadows,
I knew I had paid my penance,
There must be a tomorrow.
And there you were,
Tall and strong, offering refuge,
From this nightmarish storm.
The cage door flung open
With just one word, one touch.
Can I dare to take your hand?
Do I dare to venture out
Where hearts breaking even
Is a not a game of chance,
But a gift of sacrificial romance?
Can I let you into my dark room
Where Fenrir lurks in never ending gloom?
Do I dare to initialize what your
Eyes tell me is love so pure?
I'll give you my trust,
I'll give love a chance,
I know I must.
Believing this is more
Than mere carnal lust
That dies and withers
And leaves my heart
Once again battered and bruised.
Enter with care, my love.
Be gentle and tender,
You're still the one to whom
My soul shall render
The treasure of love,
Love ever after.

~CWylde ©2015

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