Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Breathless Wonder

Listen deeper to the
Breathless wonder of
His voice, his commands.
In this, his love amplified
Through the mark of his claim.
Warm hands touch
The core of you,
Aching anticipation
Begs for release,
As he uses his master's touch
Taking you higher
Than you can remember.
Do you recall the first
Wave of his greedy passion,
And through it all
His love was clear?
No hiding behind a mask.
With each and every task,
He is there, always protecting,
Ever watchful, ever tender.
He holds the power to control,
He's claimed you, body and soul.
And when he takes you past
The stars and higher,
He does not falter,
But will let you down easy
As you learn his lessons,
And listen even deeper
To this breathless wonder,
This bond that carries you home.

~CWylde ©

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