About Me

This is the blog website for Camille Wylde, writer of erotica short stories, erotica poetry, and paranormal erotica and romance. 

You will find vignettes of Dark Stranger, the new book scheduled for release in the Summer.  Dark Stranger is a story of Dominance/submission and a love affair that has lasted for thousands of years.  Nina is starting over from a traumatic marriage and meets the Dark Stranger.  Drawn inexplicably to him and his raw sexual nature, she discovers their bond that has lasted through eternity.  What is the nature of the bond? What will she and the Dark Stranger discover that will threaten to destroy their world?

In the Wylde Syde, you will get to know Camille and her passions along with new poetry and short stories. 

Take a walk with Camille on the Wylde Syde!

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