Friday, May 8, 2015

When True Love Died

She stood alone as day turned to dusk,
Reliving the horrors of the kinsmen’s sword thrusts.
Her lover silent now, hidden from clear view,
Her spirit strove to find courage anew.
Her thoughts spun round and round
Craving his fortress built on solid ground.

The brownshirts came that dark, lonely day,
Meted punishment to all who dared speak
Of lover’s words and artistry,
And slayed the Jewels in beauty and poetry.

She swore to exact revenge, to refuse
To give in to the gods of the ruse
Of fairness and justice, instead she
Swore to confuse the powers that be.
She lit a lone candle to find her way
Through that dark, dreary vile day.

A promise made, an oath keep she would,
They would eat the ruins of their own brood,
For him, today she would find glory in the hour.
Today, they would tumble from their ivory tower.

Raising her sword, she traveled on the wind,
Cutting, slicing through the hearts of her kin.
Her love was forbidden, her love was a sin,
But this day, they would feel her wrath,
For them that spilt blood, no splendor in the grass.
For those were the ones that kept her from him,
Those were the ones that would not see the next day.

Today, her true love to her would return,
No longer would her sorrowful heart burn.
She longed for the touch of the one whose love was true,
For the one who willingly carried her through
The lonely hours of heartbreak and pain,
In this she knew there was never shame.

She found him broken, battered, bleeding
In the damp, cold prison there all alone.
As she lay there holding him, pitifully weeping.
She would rather die herself than see him gone.

To no one in particular she cried,
As her love took his last breath and died.
“I will cut myself down right here and now,
On my love’s soul, this I vow!”
She fell on her sword in this her final act,
Knowing that in this, she kept her pact.
And on that dark, dreary day when true love died,
The bluebird sat in the prison window and cried.

~CWylde  ©

(written in response to Twitter poetry prompts from May 8, 2015. Thank you to #wordcreations #Magick_Words #HomoAquarius #GeekVerses #VerseReversal #ASymLife #DSPoetry #HeartSoup

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  1. Brilliant poetry well written ; so inventive wonderfully imaginative!