Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bound to You

Haunted by your voice,
Captured by your eyes,
This dance we do by choice,
Denying this? Feeds the lies.
I hear you in my dreams,
I see you in the night,
Moving silently through the seams
Of misty ethereal light.
I call and you appear,
Your presence strong, assured
Your gentle voice brings a tear
Of the pain your love cured.
It may sound trite, a bit cliche,
This one truth, I cannot deny,
No thing or being will take it away,
Even demons and angels fear to try.
Though time and distance keep us apart,
I will wait a lifetime for you and me,
For you carry a piece of my heart,
Forever bound to you, I am free.

CWylde ⓒ 03 / 11 / 15

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