Friday, June 20, 2014

Dark Stranger - The Binds

            Tentatively, Nina nodded, but he looked at her through his dark eyes and said, “Nina, I need to hear your answer.”
            “Y-y-y-yes?”  He threw his head back and laughed – not as a taunt, but in real amusement.  “Are you asking me, Little One?  There is no need to be afraid, nothing can harm you here.”
            Nina answered strongly, “Yes!”
            “Ah, you are learning already.  My Queen is strong and not afraid.  You have spent many lifetimes in fear.  That fear has held you back from experiencing what is yours.  And now, you are releasing your fear and stepping into your true power – strong, free, and a formidable Queen to your King.  Very well, it is time!”
            Nina watched him move silently and catlike to a massive oak armoire.  She had not noticed it when her blindfold was first removed.  It was made of deep cherry wood and reached almost to the top of the 12 foot ceilings in the room.  Intricate carvings of gryphons were placed on either side of the massive doors with inlaid exotic woods in Celtic knot patterns.  Nina recognized the Celtic lover’s knot thinking it seemed unusually out of place with the gryphons.  Her curiosity led her to push up on her elbows to get a closer look at what inside the doors, but he turned to her and said, “Not now, Little One.  Soon, you will get know what is in this cabinet very well, but for now, it is not for your knowledge.  Lie down and close your eyes.”
            Instinctively, she did as he said without question.  “Good girl.”  His praise of her was like an aphrodisiac, and immediately, her juices escaped from her soft, wet folds onto the luxurious Egyptian cotton linens.  As low moan escaped her lips causing him to chuckle softly.  “My beautiful Little One, it pleases me that you are so trusting and open to me.” 
            She heard soft rustling sounds and soft thuds coming from the armoire as he rummaged through finding exactly what he was looking for.  She heard him pad back toward the bed wanting to open her eyes, but not daring to displease him.  She felt the pressure on the bed beside her as he placed one knee beside her, then felt his large strong hand and arm reach under her neck gently lifting her to a seated position. 
As he moved behind her, she felt a silken blindfold once again wrapped around her head covering her eyes.  “There, Little One, you can open your eyes, but cannot see what is to come.”  With those words, more pre-cum dripped from her wetting the sheets even more.  He chuckled softly and moaned deep, “Mmmm … I see you appreciate anticipation.”
Without another word, he reached for her left arm and kissing her softly from her neck, down to her shoulder, upper arm, lower arm, wrist, and finally kissing and sucking on each finger, he wrapped a soft velvet cuff around her wrist.  She felt him stretch her arm and attach the cuff to the poster with a click of a hasp.  Nina tried to move and pull the arm but it was too tight to move.  “Easy, Little One, I don’t want you to harm yourself.” 
She felt him rise from the bed and heard him move to her right side.  He performed the same routine to her right arm, and as she heard the hasp close, she dripped once again.  He must have noticed because he chuckled softly and touched her mound gently.  A soft moan left her mouth as she raised her hips to meet his warm hand.  “Easy, Little One!  It is not time, yet.”
She felt her breaths coming quicker now as she realized that the hand between her thighs was stroking across her right hip.  She raised her right leg to block him.  From having babies and years of weight gain and weight loss, she carried the scars of life and was ashamed to have him look at her and touch her there.  He placed his hand on her upper thigh with pressure and holding it, preventing her from moving it further, he leaned down and kissed the dreaded fold of soft belly at the hip.  “Ah, Little One, you are beautiful here.  Here is where your body grew giving life, and here is where I find great pleasure!  Never hide this from me.  Do you understand?”
A tear escaped from her eyes, and she softly said, “Yes, Sir.” 
“Good girl, my Little One.”
He arose from the bed and wrapped another cuff around her right ankle.  Nina felt him straighten her leg and fasten the cuff with a hasp to the bedpost.  Her breaths came even quicker and her juices starting dripping more.  He tested the tightness of the cuff and hasp and moved to the left leg to repeat, once again, his ministrations.  Once he was satisfied with the wrist cuffs and ankles cuffs, he stood back. 
Nina lay bound, arms and legs akimbo, open for him to devour with his eyes.  She felt his eyes burning into her and with a stutter breath, she asked him, “Sir, what are you planning?”
“Ah, Little One.  All you need to know you will discover as the night progresses.  Be calm and patient.  For I have waited lifetimes to make you my Queen and I intend to relish every moment.”

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