Monday, June 2, 2014

Come to Me, My Love

He calls me to his side,
"Come to me, my Love!"
And I answer.

He touches me with his words,
He touches me with his spirit,
He touches me with his eyes.
He raises the fire inside to a burning inferno
That will not be quenched by any other.

He moves toward me in the dark,
The fire burning from his eyes
Saying that there is no other - this spark,
Right here, right now, no more lies.

He reaches for my hands,
Takes them in his and pulls me in.
I feel his hardness - his commands,
His lust for me – my treasures - my sin.

I open to him as he undresses me
Slowly, touching my skin,
Fruit of the poisonous tree
And I am ignited - his win.

He holds me to him effortlessly
Building a raging sea,
Bodies pressed together,
Mouth on mouth - our chablis.

He tenderly lays me on his bed,
Taking in my body,
Leaving his desires unsaid,
My resolve is becoming rocky.

Devouring me with his eyes
Calculating this wonder of me.
My body knows no disguise
But to know this was meant to be.

Open, wet, longing for him
To enter me with his being
His lust taking me to the rim
My juices flowing - my own lust screaming.
Joining together as the fever rises,
We are making fire together.
We are each other's vices,
He takes my lace - gives me his leather

I have searched a lifetime,
Here he stands, here he is!
He is my lifeline, my now time. 
I submit to him - I am his.

I will not fail again,
I will not allow anything but
My heart to speak - to reign.
No door will shut.

He calls me to his side,
"Come to me, my Love!"
And I answer.

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