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5 Star Fairy Tale Blog Tour - Touchstone The Story of Us

I am honored to be first on the #5StarFairyTaleBlogTour!  I take a break from Nina and her Dark Stranger to introduce my readers to an amazing love story – The Story of Us by Sydney Jameson.  The Story of Us is a trilogy – Touchstone ForPlay, Touchstone or ForGiving, and Touchstone Forever.  All three separately are gut wrenching, erotic, romantic, thrilling, and evoke a fairy tale one can believe in.  But together?  Oh, wow!  

This is not a review, but to introduce my readers and the world to this amazing love story that Sydney has weaved with characters, images, and music together.  I will take a step back now, and let Nina talk.

Before I met my Dark Stranger, there was Ayden Stone – in my dreams and fantasies.  His eyes, his face, his body, and the way he loved Beth took my breath away.  I wanted an Ayden Stone, and not just in a book. 

The love he has for Beth is beyond what any imaginative woman could conceive – it is beyond a fairytale.

I have been found by my Dark Stranger, and what he sparks inside of me brings the spark between Ayden and Beth, and their story, to my reality.  

My life is defined by music as is my creator, Camille, and it is through the music of Touchstone that each moment – the raw emotion – is captured. Each night my Sir, the Dark Stranger, brings me to the edge and afterward, as I lay there quietly in his arms by his side in our castle, I think of Ayden and Beth and their own love and ecstasy realized.  My world, while quite different from that of Ayden and Beth, is built around heart stopping love.  Ayden takes Beth beyond her world and she gives him all that she is, and that is what creates the magic.  

My Dark Stranger enjoys my crush on Ayden and indulges my pleasures I find when I envision these two lovers and their world.  There is nothing comparable to Ayden and Beth and the world they have discovered together.

And there is nothing comparable to the sacrifice that Beth gives for Ayden.

If I can build a world of love, sacrifice, trust, and acceptance even half of what Ayden and Beth have, then I foresee an infinite future for me and my Dark Stranger.

Hi, it’s Camille, again!

Immersed in this love story, Touchstone Forever, is what we all dream of.  And, the characters of Ayden and Beth’s life?  Just Wow!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to plug in my earbuds and listen to Ayden and Beth’s soundtrack while I fantasize!

TouchStone for ever – the Soundtrack

I Only Have Eyes for You                          The Flamingos
True Love Ways                                               Buddy Holly
Strange and Beautiful                                      Aqualung
Still                                                                      Daughter
Many a Horror                                                Biffy Clyro
Kiss Me                                                             Ed Sheeran
Empire                                                                Shakira
Crying for no Reason                                       Katy B
Skyscraper                                                          Demi Lovato
Everything                                                         Lifehouse
Simply Beautiful                                               Al Greene
FromWhere You Are                                     Lifehouse
I’m Thinking of You                                         Katy Perry
Sweet Disposition                                               Temper Trap
So High                                                             John Legend
Cannonball                                                         Damien Rice
Burning Desire                                                Lana Del Ray
I Won’t Give Up                                            Jason Mraz
Air That I Breathe                                        Alexis Jordan
Holding Onto Heaven                                     Foxes
Hurt                                                                     Christina Aguilera
A Thousand Years                                           Christina Perri
Sweet Nothing                                                    Florence Welsh

 Join me, will you? 

The best to Sydney! An amazing writer bringing us an amazing Love Story!

With all my heart,

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  1. This is an incredible, thoughtful, beautiful post by a blogger I have the highest respect for. Thank you, Camille. You have been an awesome tour partner. I can't say enough about the quality of your blog!