Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dark Stranger - You are Magnificent

Nina took a quick breath and longed to touch him. She longed to see him and lock into his eyes.  Tentatively, she put her right hand on his head and felt the stubble of his close cropped hair.  He continued to taste her juices, softly moaning as she struggled to stand, giving into his gentle licking and probing tongue.  “Nina, my little one, you hold the most magnificent honey within you. Tonight, you will see how precious your gold is.”

With those words, he took her hand in his and stood.  Blindfolded still, she could only feel his warm breath as he softly blew against her skin, chuckling to himself with the delight of a man who has found his Aphrodite.  She felt herself dripping down her thighs, and wondered if he would be repulsed by her curves.  His soft and gentle kisses as he took her in his arms told her differently.

He reached for the hem of her camisole and raising it slow toward her breasts, flicked his tongue tasting her skin licking the fine drops of sweat that were gathering in her arousal.  As he reached her breasts, he took one nipple into his mouth, sucking and tenderly biting, rolling his tongue around the hardened nipple.  Somewhere, in the background of her mind, she asked him, “Sir? Will you please take me now?” 

Again, he chuckled softly. “Nina, little one, it pleases me that you are ready so quickly, but we have the night to discover each other again. We have the night to see just how far you can be pushed.” Discover each other again? How far I can be pushed?  Nina shoved those thoughts out of her mind as quickly as they came.  Whatever he had in mind for her tonight, she accepted it willingly and without reservations.

He slowly raised her camisole over her head removing that last piece of clothing that covered the body Nina had grown to dislike.  She felt him stand back and could tell he was taking in what he saw before. Oh, God! Please don’t stare! Please, don’t let him hate what I look like! She raised her arms to try to cover herself so that he would not see her flaws.  “No! Do not cover yourself, Nina!  You are magnificent and never think otherwise! Do you understand?”

The tears came quickly into her eyes, and even with the blindfold, ran down her cheeks.  Tears from years of hearing how she had let herself go and how she was getting older.  Tears of hiding behind layers of clothes to cover what she knew was ugly. She felt him step into her and wrap her arms around his neck. His arms reached around her and held her close as she cried silently. She felt his hardness against her and felt his warmth and fire as he held her, kissing her gently, and soothing her with soft whispers of tenderness.  “There, there, little one. You are perfect. You are safe.”

He reached behind her head and began untying the silk blindfold, and when he dropped it on the ground, she closed her eyes still afraid of what she might see.  He cupped her chin in his hand, raising her chin to look up at him. “Nina, open your eyes.” She opened her eyes and looked into his dark brown eyes.  What she saw was a vision of love, openness, and a soul so connected to her own, her breath caught in her throat.  He touched her face and wiped her tears with his hands. “Mmmm, my Nina.  I have waited lifetimes for this.”

He lowered his head and with his lips grazed her own with a soft kiss.  He held the back of her head in one hand, and with the other placed at the small of her back, his lips met hers as she opened her mouth accepting his tongue.  She leaned into him inviting him to explore further.  He pulled her in closer into him.  She could feel his heartbeat against hers, and in that moment, she could feel the bond of the two of them – strong, pure, and ancient.  

She felt herself float onto the massive bed, mouths still locked, tongues probing, bodies connected. How does he do this? He pulled away and lay her on the bed.  He raised on both arms above her and locked her eyes into him.  “Are you ready to become my Queen, Nina? Are you ready to take your place in my heart and soul?”

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