Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dark Stranger - Tonight, You Fly!

Nina turned around tentatively, unsure of her steps and unsure of what was coming.  Her breaths came in quick, short gasps as her chest moved quickly with each intake and out take. Her heart was racing, and she had that tingle deep in her core that foreshadowed a feeling of anticipation and arousal. She felt her juices quietly slip from her lips soaking the crotch of her lace thong and running down her inner thighs wetting her tight jeans.  She was afraid, but she trusted that no harm would come to her tonight. How can I trust him so completely? I don’t even know his name!
She could feel him step back and away from her.  She tilted her head to her right side listening for any telltale sound that would give his presence away, but she heard nothing, not even a slight rustle.  Her breaths came in quicker gasps.  Then she heard him, so close to her ear, but not close to her body. 
“Quiet and calm, Little One.  There is nothing to be afraid of. Tonight, you will learn complete trust of me. Tonight, you will learn to trust yourself.  Take a deep breath, Nina.”
As she complied with his wishes, she smelled a faint aroma of jasmine in the air.  Where did that come from? There’s no jasmine in the alley! She felt his arms around her as they embraced her and enfolded her in his strength.
“Lean into me, Nina.” As she leaned against his strong chest and into his arms, she felt her feet leave the ground.  She gasped and fought against him, but his strength had her powerless.  “Ssshh, Little One, my Nina! Quiet and calm, Little One! Tonight, you fly!”
She felt the air on her face blowing her hair gently as she weightlessly rose in the air with his strong arms around her.  She could feel his heartbeat and breath against her.  He gently kissed her face as they moved silently in the air, sighing his pleasure.  She could feel him hardening against her and could feel his raw desire pulsating through his pants.  She settled into his arms and allowed herself to be swept into his protective embrace, trusting him as she had trusted no other. As she did so, she fell asleep in his arms.  He tightened his grip around her so that she could feel safe and protected as she slept.  He knew that she would need all of her strength tonight, for tonight, she would discover herself as never before.
Awakening, she felt their descent and felt the ground beneath her feet.  He released his embrace and stepped back. Nina did not know where they were nor how far they had gone, but she missed the feeling of being so enveloped by him. 
“Sir, where are we?” she asked.
“Ah, Nina, we are where you will become my Queen!”
She took in his words, and felt her heart quicken. His Queen? What the hell?
She heard him open a door – it sounded large, at least in her ears, and creaked with an age that she could not imagine.  He placed his arm around her shoulders and led her through the door.
“I will release your bonds when I am ready.  Do you understand, Nina?”
Nina timidly and quietly answered, “Yes, Sir. But I do not know where we are and what is happening!”
He placed his fingers on her mouth, and said, “Sshh, not to worry, little one.  All you need to know you will discover tonight. Now quiet, and trust me. No harm will ever come to you with me.”
She felt his arms around her again and felt her feet leave the floor.  They gently glided upward landing on a soft carpeted surface. He opened another door, and led her through.  She could feel the warmth of a fireplace burning and smelled the scent of jasmine in the air once again.  She felt intoxicated and felt herself being drawn to something in the room and wanted to see what was there, but her bonds held her arms behind her and her blindfold allowed no visual images, not even shadows, to greet her eyes.
His arms left her and she felt him step away leaving her standing there.  Her breaths came quick and fast. Her heart was almost beating out of her chest.  Nina began feeling that primal fear that heightens the senses and wanted to run, but did not know how or where. She heard a rustling in the background and the sound of curtains being drawn – closed or open?
“Nina, are you ready to submit to what comes tonight?” Shit! What have I done? What have I gotten myself into? No one knows I’m here!
“Nina, answer me! There is nothing to fear here unless you wish to anger me.” Holy Shit! Ok, Nina, breathe! Calm! Answer him! “Yes, Sir.”
She heard him chuckle.  “Well, it wasn’t convincing, but I’ll go with it, Little One.”
She felt him come closer to her and gently pick her up as if she were a fine china doll.  Her breathing slowed.  Just the feel of him against her gave her courage and strength, and she knew, somehow, that he would not harm her.  She relaxed in his arms and breathed a sigh of submission.  “There, that’s better, Little One!”
He sat her on a soft bed and untied her arms bringing them in front of her and rubbing the circulation back into each one as he tenderly kissed her left shoulder moving to her left hand to the right hand and back up the right shoulder.  His warm breath against her skin brought shivers of desire.  She moaned softly as she felt her juices once again leak into her jeans. 
He placed his hand between her thighs and felt the wet material.  “We need to take care of those for you.”  He stood her up, and knelt in front of her as he unzipped her jeans and slowly lowered them, revealing her wet mound and the beauty of her curved thighs. He chuckled when he saw there was no gap. “Women these days – thinking that they need to be rail thin with no meat.”
He kissed each of her inner thighs just grazing her wet mound with his face.  As he helped her step out of her jeans, he held each foot in his hand removing her shoe first, then her jean leg. Placing each leg back on the floor, he gently kissed her, starting at her ankle using his tongue as an instrument of his desire.  Slowly moving up toward her wet thighs and licking her juices, softly sucking each drop into his mouth, he whispered, “Mmmm . . . I knew you would taste good.” 

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