Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dark Stranger - Second Encounter

Nina leaves her house with only her keys and cell phone not knowing what to expect tonight.  He said to be there at 1:00 am sharp, and it is 10 minutes to 1:00.  The walk is only a few minutes to the alleyway where he always stands under the street lamp.  The night air is chilled with a slight breeze.  There is fog, but not enough to block what is in front of her, but enough to cast a surreal glow about the street.  She turns the corner and can see the street lamp just one block ahead.  He is already standing there, watching, waiting, taking command.
            She looks straight at his face and they lock eyes.  He lowers his head just slightly with a slight grin – not of amusement, but of approval.  Her heart races and she quickens her steps toward him realizing that her breath is already coming in pants and that her mouth is dry.  She licks her lips and glances down.
            “Don’t ever look down away from me, Nina!  Not unless I tell you to.  And walk to me slowly.  I want to take you in.”
            Immediately, Nina look up to his eyes, locking once more on the dark chocolate brown eyes that hide a burning fire within.  He moves away from the street lamp and turns toward her.
            As her steps slow, just as she was told, she watches him as he undresses her in his mind.  There is a raw, primal nature about him that reminds her of a big cat watching his prey.  She cannot look away even if she wanted – his stare is too strong and the energy he exudes draws her in too far.
            Tonight he is dressed only in dark denim jeans, no shirt, and the dark leather jacket opened showing his physique.  Nina feels the tightening in her lower belly and feels the juices leak from their home.  As she approaches him, his eyes soften not with love but with obvious appreciation and care.  Nina notices the softness around his eyes and breaks into a slow shy smile.  Why do I feel so shy?  God, his eyes are . . . 
            “Ah, Nina,” he whispers. “You are right on time. Good Girl!”
            Nina softly lowers her eyes as she stands before him.  He places his hands on either side of her face and raises her head to meet his.  He gently places his lips on hers with a soft feather kiss.  She moans softly as his lips push against hers, his tongue forcing its way through her lips.  Her mouth opens accepting his tongue into her own.  As his tongue flicks around hers, he brings her closer into his chest.  Nina feels her body being pulled into his, and she falls into his kiss. 
His hands move down her spine sending a shiver through her body that awakens her core.  She feels her sex tightening sending warm juices through her panties onto her jeans.  She moans a deep throaty growl as his left hand grasps her ass and his right hand holds onto her lower back pulling her tighter into him.  She feels the hardness of his erection as it grows against her. 
She moves her hips closer to show him she accepts him into her and is ready for tonight’s dance.  He pulls away gently moving his hands back to the sides of her face.  As he tilts her head once more toward him, he moans softly, “Nina, not now.  Not here.  I have other plans for you tonight. Do you trust me?”
Nina answers with a soft, “Yes.” He smiles and placing his hands on her shoulders, turns her around with her back facing him.  He gently takes her arms, places them behind her and ties her wrists with a black silk scarf.  Her arms behind her, he reaches around her cupping her breasts in both hands and gently kneads each. He moans and leans into her neck nibbling where it meets her shoulders.  She feels his warm breath on her neck and feel her nipples give away her mounting excitement. 
He abruptly moves his hands and she can feel him move away.  She begins to turn to see him, but he stops her.  “No!  Stay right where you are. Close your eyes.”  This she does without question.  Her heart is beating harder from anticipation of his next step.  Why aren’t I afraid?  He could be planning something horrible.  Instead, she sighs and waits.
She feels a soft silkiness wrap its way around her eyes and feels him tying it behind her head.  She cannot see, but can imagine where he is standing.  “Now, Nina, now, you can turn around.”

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  1. Oh you have done it again! Wow. You leave the reader wanting more and more! Love this story