Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dark Stranger - First Encounter - Part 7

He grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled her head back exposing her throat to his lips and teeth while her mouth lay open in bliss and raw sexual ecstasy as he thrust his cock even harder and deeper.  Nina could not contain her orgasm and yelled her plead to him.  
            “Please, Sir!  Please!  Please let me come!” 
            “Do you want to cum now with me? Answer me now”
            “Yes, Sir!  Please let me cum with you!”
            “Cum for me, my love.  Cum with me, my love”
            Their orgasmic dance played out with him thrusting harder and deeper as she rode harder and faster on his cock slamming into her cervix each time causing pain but leading to pure pleasure.  He growled deep in a primal, animalistic growl, and Nina moaned with the abandon of a bitch in heat.  God, he knows right where to go. “Oh, God!  Ahhh!  Please, now!”
            As she reached her climax, she felt him move deeper and harder.  She heard him growl louder and felt the tighter grip in her hair and the tighter squeeze of her ass.  Soon, they both reached the pinnacle of no return as they both came in one conjoined orgasm.  She could feel his hot cum shoot deep inside her, and she felt herself accept his throbbing cock deep inside with the undulating muscles pulling him deeper.  They moved together as one as if they had always danced this dance.  Finally, the wave diminished and both collapsed against the wall in blissful exhaustion – he holding her carefully as she slid down the brick wall making sure that she was not hurt.  He held his hands on the back of her head gently and lovingly.  “You did well, my love.”  She leaned into him and rested her head on his chest feeling the rise and fall of his breaths and the beating of his heart. 
            The dark stranger bent slightly down and kissed her forehead. 
“Now, get dressed.  Go home.  Until next time.” 
He rose off the ground with grace and elegance.  He dressed casually as she watched with sadness in letting him go and not knowing when they would see each other again.  He looked down at her and touched the top of her head.  She went into a kneeling position and once again looked at him showing her submission to him.  He bent down, kissed her forehead once more, smiled, and turned to leave.  “Tomorrow night, you’ll be here at 1:00 am sharp, Nina.  And not a minute after.”  How does he know my name?  Have we met before?
            “Now, hurry and get dressed before someone sees you.  I don’t share with others very well.”  He turned and walked away whistling a Lacrimosa from Mozart's Requiem.  Nina recognized the piece because she had studied and played Mozart when she was in college.  It was her favorite of Mozart’s even though it was dark and foreboding.  How did he know that?
            Nina quickly dressed shivering not only from the cool early morning air, but from the ethereal and inexplicable events.  That the dark stranger knew her name and her favorite piece of music was beyond synchronicity and coincidence.  There was something so familiar about the man.  Nina did not particularly care about the strange events – he had taken her to new heights of passion of which she had never felt. 
            She turned to take one last glance and saw him watching her in the light of the street lamp just as before. As they locked eyes, he raised his brow with a look of irritation.  He gave a quick, annoyed nod for her to go, and she knew that from tonight forward, she was under his spell and under his protection, whatever that might bring.  Already she began to plan for tomorrow.

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