Friday, January 24, 2014

Dark Stranger - First Encounter - Part 6

He pulled out just enough that she missed the feeling of his entire length and breadth of his cock inside her pussy.  Eyes dilated with abandoned lust and passion, Nina gazed into the dark stranger’s eyes.  He held them there for what seemed an eternity, holding her in position – both holding their breaths on the edge of something from which she knew she would never be the same.  Holding just at her entrance, he smiled and teased her, his head just at her clit playing.  She moaned and moved her hips toward his cock trying to push it back inside her.  He smacked her ass again, this time harder.  Feeling the sting of his hand, she yelped with surprise and looked him in the eyes again.  He silently shook his head, “No.”  Without words spoken, she understood that any movement on her part would always be under his control.  She quickly glanced down to show her submission to him.  “Yes, Sir.” 
He gently guided his cock once again into her waiting drenched pussy.  When she had accepted a portion of his cock, he thrust deep and hard into her.  She let out a cry – not of pain, but of pure ecstasy of such an exquisite visitor.  Arching against the brick wall of the bricks and feeling the cold roughness on her back, she moaned and accepted his thrusts, throbbing undulating against his cock sending waves of primal raw nerve tremors throughout her body.  She could feel an orgasm coming unlike any she had ever experienced.  He stopped his thrusting and held her against him.  She whimpered wanting to continue to experience cumming with such a powerful orgasm.  She looked him in the eyes seeing immediately that he would have control over her orgasms as well. 
“When I say you can cum, you can cum.  And not before.” 
She understood, but her desires were so strong that she was not sure she would be able to hold off.  Although, she would try just to gain his approval and see that exquisite smile of his.  Christ, why should I care.  He doesn’t know me.  He’s a stranger.  But I want to make him happy whoever he is.
            He stared into her bright, green eyes dilated with lust and passion and saw exactly what he craved to see – her desire to completely submit to his will.  Again, his thoughts seemed to permeate her own mind as he made it clear what he required – a submissive that was willing to trust and give herself completely.  God, I want to have him make me cum and only him.  Who is this guy? He entered her slowly, watching her eyes and breath for her sign of being at the precipice of no return.  He had already known, and choosing just the right time, thrust hard and deep into her core.  Her pussy had its own mind and pulled his hard cock deeper with undulating waves of pulses.  She let out a loud moan and threw her head back opening her body more to his controlled dominance.