Friday, January 24, 2014

Dark Stranger - First Encounter - Part 5

          He tenderly lifted her head from his cock which was still as hard as when he first entered her mouth.  How the hell does he do that? Nina’s lips were swollen from the barrage into her mouth.  He gently smiled at her, and she relished in his approval.  Oh, to get that smile all the time!  He lifted her up to meet his face as he savored her lips, his taste lingering there.  He reached down between her thighs and felt her so wet and so ready for an introduction to the ecstasy he was eager to grant.     He softly asked her, “Do you want to cum?”
            “Oh, yes.  Please!”  She looked at him and implored with her eyes.  She looked down at his cock which was growing even larger and harder.  He cupped her chin in his right hand and lifted it to his face tenderly kissing her on her eyes, nose, chin, and finally resting on her lips – sore and swollen.  “Very well.  You’ve done well your first night.  You’ve earned it.”
            He motioned to her with his head to remove his boots and jeans.  Without asking and intuitively knowing, she knelt before him once again as he rested one foot on her thigh while she removed one boot and switch to the other.  Then reaching up to his waist where his jeans hung low on his hips, she lowered his jeans down while he stepped out of the legs.  With a deft kick once again, he kicked his jeans next to hers.  “Raise your left leg to my hips, my love.”  She did exactly as she was told and raised her left leg to his right hip resting it just at his ass.  He wrapped her arms around his neck and told her to hold on.  As she tightened her grip around his neck, he lifted her right leg and rested it on his left hip.  She wrapped her legs around him and looked him in the eyes.  He smiled softly and raised her up onto his hardened cock.  As she accepted his magnificently enlarged cock, she let out a loud moan.  She wasn’t sure if her pussy would accept such a massive visitor because Marc was small in stature, and she was not accustomed to such size.  As his cock hit her cervix, she whimpered in pain and closed her eyes.  He smacked her ass with one of his hands with disapproval.
            She opened her eyes.  He said, “You are never to close your eyes unless I tell you.  Understood?  Answer me with Sir.” 
            “Yes, Sir. I understand.” 
            “Understand what?”
            “I understand, Sir”
            “Good girl.”

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