Friday, August 15, 2014

Dreams of Sir

Dreams take me to you tonight. 
The ocean current traverses through time.
My heart spreads wings and take flight
You are my beacon, my light sublime.

Knowing that you are my essence,
Our time together is witness
To our bonds, our love's presence,
I cannot deny the limits of your patience.

You need only speak the words,
You need only grant your touch.
My heart soars with the birds
Singing their songs, stories, as such.

I kneel at your feet and give to you,
This gift of submission, complete trust,
Let the current take me to you,
Let me give in to your lust.

I will carry your name to the skies
One phrase, one act, one single inner stir,
You will see the exchange, the look in my eyes,
I'm yours, Sir!

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