Sunday, January 4, 2015

Release the Demons

Silence, Dark, womblike,
Bound by leather at your will, as you like,
Skin exposed to your touch, your kiss,
At your mercy, Sir, nothing is amiss.

Hearing your footsteps as you approach,
Feeling your energy, your fire, your reproach,
Knowing the beast is controlled, full of power,
Craving your eyes to melt me in this hour.

Your lash hits first strike, sting fires my skin,
Release for the demons churning within,
I cry out, pain released in the tears 
As you soothe my spirit, taking my fears.

Ten lashes, I count, brings my penance,
My sins long ago needing repentance.
You, my Sir, have taken them, sent them away,
Taking me to a deep, dark healing this day.

Feeling your breath now close, soothing me
Urging me to take your essence inside me,
Listening to your soothing words gently spoken,
Feeling your gentle touch, this love is no token.

You, alone, have taken from me the urge to flea
Your sweet dark embrace, your will becomes of me.
This magic you wield over me complete,
This bond now forever, no more defeat.

CWylde © 01/04/15

(written in response to prompt #DepecheSex by @Supernaturavil)


  1. Intriguing poem! Thanks for sharing....

    1. Thank you so much, Lilith. I appreciate you reading and commenting and, please, feel free to share!

      For a submissive, much of the connection and desire of the power exchange is recognizing that Sir's intentions are to release those very demons that live inside, that block us from being our best. That is part of the need of BDSM. In his training and discipline, great care is taken to provide the needed release of fears and underlying anger through the lash. It is the aftercare, so tender and loving, that the bond is made even stronger. Have that one person who understands and carefully helps in healing and releasing is why the gift of submission is so precious, and earned not demanded.

      Thank you again for following here!