Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Tale of the Sorceress

Sadly inevitable to all who could see,
Oddly apparent to all who stood by,
The bitter old hag sent out her decree,
Antipathies all around, let true love die.

Two lovers were parted, by jealousies strewn,
Bitter and petty, the story they tell,
Separated, lonely, such a sad tune,
He cried to his love, I miss you like Hell!

What he didn't know, his cries were heard,
The pain of their loss was not missed,
Then something purely miridical occurred,
His cry joined that of the sorrowful Sorceress.

The old hag didn't know the magic of their kiss,
She did not understand the powers at play,
Nor that Bast was their  protectress,
The hag would come to rue that day.

Bast flew to the old hag who quaked and shook,
Towered over the hag shrinking and scared,
Afraid to speak, so intense was that look.
"You have offended me, Hag!" Bast declared.

"You must end these acts so brutal,
Love must be revived, never ensnared,
To say no? Resistance is futile."
To deny Bast, not even the old hag dared.

With those words, love was triumphant,
The Sorceress and her lover's world was set right,
The land and the people exultant,
As they danced through the stars that night.



  1. Good triumphs over evil So well written !!

    1. I really appreciate your kind words. This was a piece that was a different stretch for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. I am glad you appreciated it.