Thursday, July 2, 2015

The High

He enters striding with confidence,
Knowing she can’t see his blind seduction.
She knows it’s time to push his limits,
His jaw sets in controlled detonation.
In one terrifying moment, regret hits her mind, 
She realizes she’s awakened the beast 
From his raving slumber.
His patience she’s pushed,
Tis her bad habit he’s seen.
His eyes say it all without a word,
His soul of fire rages within.
His commands low and deliberate,
She cannot resist his deep dark sin.
Waiting for the first strike,
He taunts, but nothing happens.
She glances begging for his leather,
Her racing heart quickens,
The strike hits hard in a fountain of flames,
She steels herself against the pain.
Not many could withstand the fire felt so strong,
But she is impervious to its bite and sting.
Tis a peaked perfection to her carnal desires,
She feels alive as her passions build higher.
Tears flowing, she knows she’s branded
With his mark, his touch, no longer stranded
In the pit of her own private hell,
He’s carried her through the molten well.
One touch, you’ll see how the interplay works,
Tis the exchange of power, the unwavering thirst
For strength and control, tis her desires
That feed the fuel of his own lustful fires.
A stepping stone was reached in their bond.
An agreement made, a contract signed 
In the marks on her body and the gleam in his eye.
No pride could he steal, no shame in her mind
For this is the power, the bond, the high.

~CWylde © 2015


  1. Fabulous poetry articulate vivid imagery intelligent intense and Wow

  2. Arousing and taunting.