Friday, December 27, 2013

Dark Stranger - First Encounter, part 1

 A sleepless night again.  Nina could not bear to toss and turn another night while her ex-husband, Marc, lay in his own bed in his new home with his new wife.  She wondered if he was more attentive to her than he was to her.  Nina threw the covers back imagining how Marc lay stiff as a corpse on nights like this almost as if he dreaded her knowing he was awake.  She always wondered if he just didn’t find her attractive even though he always insisted she was sexy to him.  Yeah, right!  If your wife is sexy, you don’t turn her down or ignore her or put a football game in front of being with her. 
            She padded into the kitchen peering at the oven clock.  2:00 am.  Wishing the time were earlier so she could go out, she had an idea to take a walk.  Not sure how safe she would be, Nina knew it would be better than just sitting in the dark alone or watching some stupid infomercial on the television.  Rushing back into her bedroom to change clothes, she rammed her right pinky toe into the ottoman.  Shit!  Shit! Shit!  Hopping on her left foot, she laughed.  Marc was always accusing her of being the clutziest woman alive.  No, not clutzy, just focused on something else.
            She changed into her black skinny jeans and a black camisole tank top that hugged her body in places that had not been hugged for a long time.  Throwing on a black hoodie and gingerly slipped her boots over her throbbing and now very swollen toe.  She carefully placed her foot down on the floor testing the pain of bearing weight on her damaged foot.  Not too bad!  I think I can make it.
            Keys in pocket – cell phone in pocket – good to go.  She slipped out of the door wondering why she was being so quiet, except from old habits of sneaking away from Marc while he slept.  She stepped onto her front porch and lifted her face to the air.  Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath filling her lungs with the cool night air.  The full moon was high in the early morning sky and cast a glow around her illuminating shadows obscured in darkness. Nina was never afraid of being out in the early mornings like this.  There was always a feeling of being watched by someone or something in the shadows that excited her and allowed her to fantasize about meeting a dark lover that would sweep her boring sex life off its feet.  She hoped to see the dark stranger that she had seen often on her early morning walks.  He never spoke but always watched her as she approached and gave her a slight smile and nod as she passed.  Nina desired to see if his eyes followed her, but was afraid to glance back.  She was not afraid of him – she was afraid of her reaction to him.
            Nina walked down the steps onto the cool pavement.  There was a slight breeze this morning that gently lifted her long, black hair from her face.  She lifted her face to the breeze and let it caress her, breathing in the feeling of a lover’s soft caress.  As she turned the corner from her building, she looked down the abandoned street, heart quickening, to see if “he” was there.  His usual corner was three blocks down from her building leaning against the street light pole.  There he was!  Only something was a bit different tonight.  Instead of the usual sweat pants and hoodie, he wore tight low riding dark jeans, no shirt, and a dark leather jacket opened, displaying the most perfect ab structure Nina had ever seen. 
            He leaned against the street light in a casual stance with one leg braced on the ground and the other against the pole.  As she approached His corner, she studied his boots – shiny black boots with silver studs on the toes  - obviously expensive.  His stood casually leaning against the street light exuding raw, sexual power tempered with the self-assurance of a man who always got exactly what he wanted with no arguments.  As Nina came closer, he pushed away from the street light placing both hands lightly in his waistband with fingers pointing toward that mystical home for what she knew would be an experience of magic and unbridled lust and power.

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