Friday, December 27, 2013

Dark Stranger - First Encounter - Part 2

          He lowered his head just a bit not as an act of submission at all, but as a clue of where he desired her to stop just in front of where he stood.  There were no words spoken and none needed.  Nina understood immediately what he wanted from her.  Her breath quickened as she slowed her pace to a halt just in front.  His eyes were dark brown and burned into her own green eyes with knowledge far beyond anything she could understand.  His leather jacket opened slightly more as a sudden gust of air whirled around them both.  Her mouth dry – she tried to lick her lips, but realized that it wasn’t to moisten her lips at all.  He was willing her to him in the most erotic dance, and licking her lips was her way of communicating to him that she was ready.
            As she stood before him breathing in his sexual power, he demanded with his eyes what she had only fantasized about.  He placed his hands around her throat – not menacing, but gently holding with his thumbs placed in the space where her throat met her chest.  Her breaths were quicker and she felt a tightening in her lower stomach.  He give just a slight squeeze, and Nina lowered herself to her knees before him.  In this moment, there was the purest agreement between she and him carrying with it the understanding of her next move.  She placed both of her hands behind her back and peered up into his eyes; he cupped her chin in one hand and held the back of her head in the other.  She saw both darkness and tenderness in his eyes, and she agreed in her heart that she would always submit to his desires whatever they would bring.
            The agreement made – he lifted her gently to her feet.  One hand still placed at the back of her head, he brought her lips to his.  His mouth surrounded hers as he searched with his tongue for the opening into the door of her passion.  She accepted his kiss and opened her mouth to accept the searching tongue.  Tongue against tongue – lips against lips – she released a light groan telling him all he needed to know.  He pressed her to his body as she melted into his caress.  His was a caress of heat coupled with passion that held her so tightly to him that she could not breathe without gasping.  She moved her hands around his neck pulling him further into her mouth as she searched his lips with her own.  He pulled away, shaking his head no, and gently led her into the alleyway.  

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