Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dark Stranger - First Encounter - Part 3

He gazed into her eyes telling her to open to him completely.  He spoke no words, but she knew what he wanted, and Nina was ready to submit to his will.  She removed her hoodie and dropped it to the ground where his eyes motioned.  He gazed at her camisole, and as she pulled it over her head, he watched with a look of pure lust as her breasts revealed their excitement – nipples hard and erect – her breathing shallow and quick.  He gestured with his eyes once again to her jeans.  She unzipped the zipper with fingers shaking, not with fear, with anticipation of what was to come.  As she bent down to remove her boots, he stopped her with one touch of his hand.  He silently shook his head no.  He reached down to grasp one leg bringing it up to him as he unzipped the boot sliding it off her foot and dropping it to the ground.  He did the same with her other boot, then motioned for her to continue with her strip.  Nina lowered her jeans keeping her eyes fixed on his ensuring that she was following his lead. 
            Her jeans hit the ground with a soft thud.  He used his studded boot to kick them out of the way, and looking down, he directed her to unzip his own jeans.  She reached out with her hands, but he stopped her and gently shook his head “No.”  Not understanding, she looked at him with questioning eyes and a furrowed brow.  He quietly whispered, “Your mouth.”  He gently pushed her to her knees and guided her head to the defined bulge in his jeans.  Now, she understood.  She reached for his zipper with her mouth and using her teeth, unzipped his jeans.  Looking up to him for guidance, he nodded slightly, and she pulled his hardened cock out of its resting place with both of her hands. 
            Again, she gazed up to his eyes asking for direction.  He gave her a slight smile and nod.  Reaching down, he gently touched her lips with his thumb rimming it around her lips and into her mouth.  The dark stranger nodded to his enlarged cock, and as she opened her mouth, he pushed her head toward him.  She gently licked the tip of the head and lightly sucked the pre-cum from the opening.  She looked up to him, and he smiled with approval then nodded for her to continue.  Her mouth covered the head of his engorged cock, and flicking her tongue around the rim where she knew would give him the greatest pleasure, her inner submissive was already delighting in giving him pleasure.
            He used one hand to brace himself against the brick building wall behind Nina and the other to grasp her hair positioning her head to accept the enormity of his fully engorged cock.  She looked up at him understanding that he wanted her to take the entire shaft into her mouth.  He was much larger than Marc, but it wasn’t only the length, it was the thickness.  She was not sure she would be able to accept it into her mouth.  Her slight pause brought disapproval to his eyes and a slight glare.  Her heart skipped a beat as she realized that she had affronted his dominance.  


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