Friday, December 27, 2013

Welcome to the Wylde Syde

Welcome to the site for Camille Wylde.  It is here that I will post my erotica poems, short stories, and teases to my new book, Dark Stranger.

I am excited to finally break free of old thoughts and embrace the Wylde Syde of my own self.  Some of my poems and short stories cross genres between paranormal, fantasy, and erotica.

My idol is Anais Nin, a true feminist and early erotica writer who was truly before her time.  She has been my inspiration in all of this.

I also am an abstract painter that paints with erotica influences and will be publishing paintings here are as well along with amazing photography by Freddy Camarjo.

I invite you to sit back and relax.  Let your imagination run Wylde!  Let it run on the Wylde Syde!

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